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Research & Publications

Edelson, D. C., Smith, D. A., & Brown, M. (in press). Beyond interactive mapping: Bringing data analysis with GIS into the social studies classroom. In A. J. Millson & M. Alibrandi (Eds.), Digital geography: Geo-spatial technologies in the social studies classroom. Greenwich, CT: Information Age.

Edelson, D. C., Smith, D. A., Brown, M., & Russell, E. (2006). Designing GIS tools to address the needs of educational users. Paper presented at the ESRI Education User Conference, San Diego, CA, August 5-8.

Edelson, D. C. and Brown, M. (2006) Designing GIS Software for Education: A Workshop Report for the GIS Community.  Geographic Data in Education Initiative, Northwestern University.  [Click here to download PDF]

Edelson, D. C., & Reiser, B. J. (2006). Making authentic practices accessible to learners: Design challenges and strategies.  In R. K. Sawyer (Ed.), Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences (pp. 335-354). New York: Cambridge University Press.

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