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Gallery of My World Examples

On this page, we highlight some of the exciting ways that we and other educators are finding to use My World.  Please contact us at if you have some work that you'd like to see here. 

In addition to the examples on this page, there are a number of very exciting uses highlighted in the inaugural issue of the The GEODE, the newsletter of the GEODE Initiative.  Click here to download a PDF of this issue. 


Projects of the GEODE Initiative

Lincoln Park Zoo Project


Members of the My World project at Northwestern have been working with the Lincoln Park Zoo and several schools in Chicago to conduct a study of a pond on the Zoo's property and plan how to restore its ecosystem to health. 


Seventh graders Mari Stokes and David Seman collect water quality data at Lincoln Park Zoo's South Pond in preparation for the pond's renovation. Students are using Northwestern's My World software to display and analyze data.

A MyWorld map shows South Pond at Lincoln Park Zoo.


Click here to learn about this exciting project.

GEODE Initiative researchers and developers are developing curriculum units for Earth and environmental science that incorporate My World.  Check back for more details about these projects. 

You can find descriptions of some of these units at the GEODE Initiative Curriculum page. 

You can download My World activities from some of these units from the My World Activities page.

Projects by Partners

Bringing Historical Census Data ALIVE

The Bringing Historical Census Data ALIVE project, directed by Joshua Radinsky at the University of Illinois-Chicago, is investigating the use of GIS to support teaching of American History.  This project has used My World GIS to develop the following units:

The Great Migration: African-American Life and Change in the Early 20th Century


The Black Hills: A Case Study in the Effects of Western Expansion on the Lakota Nation


Click here to learn about this exciting project.


Inquiring about Geographic Information Systems (iGIS)

iGIS is a professional development project at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science that is helping teachers in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and regionally-relevant watershed and stream investigations into their curricula.

Click here to learn more about the iGIS project.


Science Investigations with GIS: Helping Students Develop the Need to Know More

This paper published in the Illinois Science Teachers Association Journal Spectrum describes a collaboration between researchers at the University of Illinois-Chicago and four middle grades science teachers from the Chicago Public Schools. They describe their use of My World GIS to teach Earth Science topics and the curriculum units they developed.

Click here to read their paper (posted here by permission of ISTA Spectrum):

Radinsky, J., Alamar, K., Leimberer, J. Rodriguez, C. Trigueros, J. (2006). Science Investigations with GIS: Helping Students Develop the Need to Know More. ISTA Spectrum, 31 (2). pp. 34-42.



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