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Online Help Center

The My World Help Center consists of three categories of resources.
  1. Resources that are available from within My World.  Some of these are also available through this website. 
  2. FAQs:Frequently asked questions. 
  3. Help Center Files.  These are files with explanations and instructions that have been developed by the My World team or contributed by others.
If you are not able to find the help that you need with any of the resources on this page, you can:
  • Post your question to the My World user forum.  Someone from the My World development team or our growing community of users and developers will get back to you with an answer.  This is also a place where users share resources and helpful tips. The forum requires sign-in but is open to everyone.
  • Contact your My World vendor for technical support.  Your My World CD came with information about whom to contact for technical support.  From within My World, if you select "About My World" from the "Help" menu, you will see a phone number and email address to contact for technical support.
  • Email the My World Team.  The My World Team is not able to provide end user support for routine problems that can be solved through this page, the My World user forum, or your technical support provider.  However, if you have a question or problem that you have not been able to resolve in other ways, please email us at, and we will do everything we can to help you out. 
Resources Available within My World

The three resources listed below are accessible from within My World.  The Help Manual and Guided Tours are also available on this website. 
Guided Tours: We offer video and browser-based tours of My World GIS software.
(also available in the Help menu of the My World GIS software).

Basic "How-to" Tutorials: A full set of step-by-step tutorials on basic My World skills is available in the Welcome to My World window within the My World GIS software.

Frequently Asked Questions
Help Center Files
Below is a listing of downloadable tutorials and other help documents provided by the My World team and by other My World users. 

Upload a Help Center FileWe encourage you to submit your own help documents. All submissions are reviewed by our project team.

[Coming Soon] How to Create a Tutorial for Use with My World's Step-By-Step Guided Tour Feature

[Coming Soon]
How to install My World tutorials

 Unreviewed         Reviewed and Awaiting Revision      Reviewed and Approved     Created by My World Project
Name Status Description

How to add a layer to a My World map How to add a layer to a My World map.

Primary: addlayer.mwht
Author: My World Team
Author Institution: Northwestern University
Author Email:
Level of Help: Basic
Comments: This is a special file (.mwht) designed for displaying step-by-step tours within My World. Simply save it to your desktop and double click to launch My World and open the file.

Last Updated: 2014-08-25 10:50:55

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