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The My World project (part of the GEODE Initiative) is committed to supporting teachers who are using My World GIS in their classroom. We do this by developing activities and datasets for classroom use, by supporting outside developers, and by offering occasional teacher workshops.

Why is My World an ideal GIS for the classroom?

Margaret Chernosky, a geography teacher at Bangor High School in Bangor, Maine, says:
My World GIS is a powerful GIS software for K-12 classrooms. Because of its simplicity, and intuitiveness, it is the perfect choice for educators who want to teach spatial literacy. It was designed for the classroom where skill levels may be limited and time is always short. Geographic content is a priority in my classroom and I avoid using precious classroom time to teach the tool.
To read more of what Margaret and other teachers have to say about My World click here.

We have three primary resources for teachers (middle school, high school, and college):

  • User Community Forum
"My World Users" is an online forum for users of My World GIS to ask questions and share experiences with each other and the My World development team. It also provides a way for the My World team to make announcements about special projects and workshops.
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  • Resource Centers
We maintain an Activity Center, Data Center and Help Center for users to post and download the latest activities, datasets, and support documentation for use with My World GIS.
  • Teacher Workshops and Collaboration Opportunities
Check News & Events for reports on new projects and upcoming workshops

Visit our Gallery for examples of what we and others are doing with My World GIS.

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